Paying for your MB seals with $cashtag

Q. What is $cashtag?
A. $cashtag is a payment processor that belongs to Square Inc. and allows for free debit to debit card transfer, similar to ACH bank transfer

Q. Is it secure?
A. It should be as secure as your debit card is. Since you do not reveal your bank account to anyone, including the payment processor, the system should be more secure than Paypal, if you pay from your Paypal account with a connected bank account.

Q. Why prices are cheaper when using $cashtag?
A. See the first question. No payment processor fees that we have to absorb.

Q. Are credit card accepted?
A. Yes, but Square might ask you to cover the credit card processing fees, that are usually higher than debit card fees. Not everybody likes to see the processing fees separate.

Q.Do I have to create an account if using $cashtag? A. No. Just your card number.

Q. Is my purchase protected just like Paypal promises?

A. You are protected by our reputation, which is way better than Paypal protection. Read about us online first.

Q. If I want a refund, what should I do?

A. Ask us first. Get the refund. Send the seals back. No RMAs. Restocking fees are accepted in the amount at your discretion in physical currency that has zero value only (examples: Deutsche Mark, French Franc, Greek Drachma etc.). Dollars or any valid currency are not accepted!

Q. How much should I pay if using $cashtag?
A. Here is the pricing (shipping is free with $cashtag):
2 seal kits: $49
3 seal kits: $72
4 seal kits: $95
5 seal kits: $118
6 seal kits: $140
7 seal kits: $164
8 seal kits: $185
9 seal kits: $210
10 seal kits $225
11 seal kits $240
12 seal kits $247
Remember, you also get free shipping ($5 value) if paying with $cashtag. It is part of the savings. Do not forget to tell us which seals you are ordering! Part ## or description will work.

Pay using our $cashtag here